It's not until I see all of these here that I realise just how boring the work I do is! I guess we would all like to be working on Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, but the truth is that there is a great deal of uninteresting work out there, and someone has to do it!

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The following were created in LightWave©

This was part of a pitch for a new label design.

Same as previous.

This is the main page from a large interactive
multimedia project I created a year ago. It's
meant to be a mailroom.

I produced the entire White Knight product catalogue
in 3D recently. 64 paint cans. What fun that was!

This was for a glass-replacement company.

Same as previous.

Same as previous.

Same as previous.

This was for an advertisement for
high-temperature paints.

Another pitch for a new label concept.

This was for an invitation to a seminar.

Same as previous.

I think this became a floor display.

The following were created by me years ago when
3D was just a hobby. They were created in Strata StudioPro

Out the back of my old house.

My first use of depth-of-field.

I had wanted to turn this 3D prison into a game.
One of the projects that never got done!

Same as previous.

Same as previous.

I hope you like them!