It is my mission to provide a variety of different utility applications, design to speed up and simplify unnecessarily complicated processes. Following is a list of the currently available, or soon to be available applications that I have created.

Be sure to visit this site regularly as there are many
more to come!

Scan Z v1.7b
Mac OSX and Windows
Tired of the prohibitive cost of 3D object scanning? Here is a cheap alternative that will allow you to build and use your own 3D scanner at your home or office.
Available for download NOW!

RenderFarm Commander v3.2.2
Designed for users of Newtek's LightWave© software, RenderFarm Commander will help you set up, manage, control and monitor a Newtek ScreamerNet render farm.
Compatible with LightWave up to version 9.2
(9.3 not yet supported).

Zoetrope v1.0
This free utility is designed to combine still image sequences into a QuickTime movie.

ASCIIsee v1.0.1
We're all familiar with the concept of ASCII art. This application takes an old concept and gives it some new flare. New!

Stay tuned - more to come!